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Welcome to the expertise network for Cornelia de Lange syndrome. Because Cornelia de Lange syndrome is a very complicated disorder, families around Cornelia de Lange syndrome have searched and found centre's of expertise together with the formally recognized expertise centre. This network can help your local doctors, day-care centre's, schools and therapeutists to deliver the right care, close to home.

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The experts within this Cornelia de Lange syndrome network work together to provide the best possible information about Cornelia de Lange syndrome on this website. They are also motivated to read your stories and answer your questions to learn more about Cornelia de Lange syndrome. This website is therefore a tool for healthcare provider, healthcare insurer and your family.

Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) is a rare genetic disorder. Many people have never heard of it. It causes various physical, cognitive and medical challenges. Although no two children with this disorder are the same, there are many similarities in their appearance and behaviour.
Our international panel of experts has compiled a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and care




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