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Goal of International Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)

Target of the International Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)

We are eager to support and share!

Knowledge and expertise from all over the world taken together in one group.  SAC stands for up-to-date information, available to as many people as possible. Experts on variable topics within Cornelia de Lange Syndrome work together to share interdisciplinary knowledge.

Sharing our information we do through publications in (international, peer-reviewd) journals, the CdLS-world website, newsletters of members and associates of the federation and by organizing symposia and congresses together with the CdLS-world federation.

A lot of information on different topics, collected and constructed in collaboration with parents, professionals and other involved persons, is already available on this website.
Can’t you find the right information or doesn’t the information provide the answer to your question(s)?

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Team Asociación Argentina del Sindrome Cornelia de Lange

Paediatrics & Genetics

Florencia Pabletich

Team Associação Brasileira Síndrome Cornélia de Lange

General practitioner

Andréa Scaletzky

Team Arbeitskreis Cornelia de Lange Syndrom e.V.

Molecular Genetics

Frank Kaiser


Peter Martin


Gabriele Gillessen-Kaesbach

Team Cornelia de Lange foreningen


Anne-Marie Bisgaard

Team Asociación Española Síndrome de Cornelia de Lange (AESCdL)

Paediatrician - Clinical Genetics

Feliciano Ramos



Armand Bottani

Clinical Genetics

Valerie Cormier-Daire

Team CdLS Foundation UK & Ireland

Behavioural Psychology

Chris Oliver


Peter Gillett

Clinical Genetics

David FitzPatrick

Team Ass. Naz. di Volontariato Cornelia De Lange ONLUS

Paediatrics & Genetics

Angelo Selicorni

Genetic Counselling

anna cereda

Team Vereniging Cornelia de Lange syndroom

Behavioural Psychology

Paul Mulder

Physician for ID, SIB & CdLS

Sylvia huisman


Inge van Balkom

Developmental and Genetic Paediatrics

Leonie Menke

Molecular Genetics Research

Kerstin Wendt

Team Stowarzyszenie Dzieci i Rodzin Cornelia de Lange Syndrom (CdLS) w Polsce


Jolanta Wierzba

Team the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) Foundation USA

Medical Director

Tonie Kline

Clinical Genetics

Matt Deardorff


Mary Levis

Behavioural Psychology

Julia OConnor


Douglas Clemens

Services/qualifications International Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)

Expertise and/or treatment center
Research center
1Research that is important to understand the cause, disorders and/or emotions of disorder
2Has proven comprehensive knowledge of the condition
3Secures this knowledge about the disorder in a colloborative way with association and other (international) institutes/organizations
4Ensures funding of disorder-relevant areas
5Carries out knowledge at national and/or international meetings and conferences and publications through the association


International Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)

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