campaign.schedule=Program {0} in table format
campaign.sponsors=Sponsors and Partners
campaign.pricing.intro.title=Our flexible conference bundles
campaign.pricing.intro.text=An overview of the options we offer to make the conference the best experience for you. Your hotel booking has to be done separately.
campaign.about=About us
campaign.pages=Pages more...
campaign.strengths.title=Why we believe this conference will be good more... less...
2019conference.program.comments=Please, if you want to contribute to the program, please follow this link
conference.slide1.title=10th World Conference
conference.slide1.text=Families had a great time
conference.slide1.caption=See photo's
conference.slide2.title=10th World Conference
conference.slide2.text=We learned a lot
conference.slide2.caption=See photo's
conference.slide3.title=10th World Conference
conference.slide3.text=We met a lot of great experts and others like us
conference.slide3.caption=See photo's
conference.slide4.title=10th World Conference
conference.slide5.title=10th World Conference

conference.welcome.location=location & Time
conference.welcome.main.why.label=Why Join
conference.welcome.main.why=Find out about a high quality of life with Cornelia de Lange syndrome

conference.countdown.invite.caption=Be there...
conference.countdown.invite.seconds=Seconds made possible by
conference.organized.introduction=We are very happy and proud that we were able to bring together a group of organizations that will make this conference possible. some photo's of the Hotel, Bad Neuenahr/Ahweiler en Cornelia de Lange beauties.

conference.packages.header=Take a look at our conference packages
conference.packages.introduction=We try to make the conference attractive for as many people as possible; Families with children, Parents or Siblings coming alone, volunteers, experts looking for information, speakers and/or workshop leaders, leaders from other CdLS groups,... your whole family
conference.packages.individual=study alone
conference.packages.scientific=for professionals more
conference.packages.hotel=hotel (3 nights)
conference.packages.hotel2=hotel (2 nights)
conference.packages.symposium=symposium for professionals
conference.packages.conference=conference participation
conference.packages.gala=gala party for siblings (7-17 years)
conference.packages.consultations=have individual consultations (1:1)
conference.packages.extra=sunday walk
conference.packages.shuttle=A shuttle service to get and bring you to the airport can be booked separately
conference.packages.sac_fed_meet=One day Meeting for SAC and Federation members in touch you like yo know more, maybe you have a question. We will try our best to react as soon as possible. Help us if you think we forgot something... information
conference.packages.button.event.register=Register for the event Rooms
conference.packages.button.event.register.adding=(See attachment for more information.) 

conference.schedule.day1.label=Jul 31
conference.schedule.day1.title=Leaders and SAC meetings
conference.schedule.day2.label=Aug 1
conference.schedule.day2.title=Scientific Symposium
conference.schedule.day3.label=Aug 2
conference.schedule.day3.title=Families day 1
conference.schedule.day4.label=Aug 3
conference.schedule.day4.title=Families day 2 our experts
conference.speakers.intro=We have done our best to invite those from around the world to give you the insights you hope for. Professors, teachers, experienced parents and siblings will discuss the topics for the best quality of life possible. Our motto; TOGETHER!

conference.donate.title=10th World Conference
conference.donate.cause=Support the families

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