About the 10th World Conference Cornelia de Lange Syndrome 2019


Together with experts and families we search, find and share with the purpose to learn, cry and celebrate.Together we experience friendship, security and openness

Why are we doing this?

Families all over Europe are looking for answers and support. Together we can do more. Bringing together families and experts from all over the world will allow us to learn, discuss and improve how to handle the different challenges that come with the syndrome

What will you learn?

Leading experts will present and discuss with you the topics relevant to CdLS. Medical topics like reflux, cognitive topics like behaviour and emotional topics about how to deal with the challenges of this rare genetic condition as a family.

What are the benefits?

You will learn the latest and most comprehensive information available about CdLS. You will have a great time, in a relaxed atmosphere, and be able to talk about the issues with people that really understand you because they are in the same situation. It is very encouraging to see that you are not alone.

Why we believe this conference will be good

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