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Goal of Royal Dutch Kentalis

Target of the Royal Dutch Kentalis

Royal Dutch Kentalis is a national organization in the Netherlands specializing in providing diagnostic, care and educational services to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind, as well as to people with severe speech/language impairment or autistic spectrum disorders accompanied by severe speech and language difficulties.

Kentalis possesses specialist knowledge. We make that knowledge available not only to our staff but to all those interested, worldwide.

Kentalis International Foundation is the international project office of the Royal Dutch Kentalis and therefor responsible for international knowledge exchange initiatives.



Eline van Rooij

Anne Schoone

Ineke Heijnen

Inclusive and special needs education, Communication

Saskia Damen

Services/qualifications Royal Dutch Kentalis

Expertise and/or treatment center
1Has a Multidisciplinary team and/or approach to disorder
2Has proven extensive knowledge to treat condition
3Secures this knowledge about the disorder in a colloborative way with association and other (international) institutes/organizations
4Carries out knowledge at national and/or international meetings and conferences and publishes via the association
5Ensures funding of disorder-relevant areas
Research center


Royal Dutch Kentalis