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Adverse side effects of Teratogens


Could there be some adverse reaction to the fetus due to exposure to a teratogen prior to conception and up to two weeks after conception? Can teratogens affect chromosome 3? Are they associated with CdLS?

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Teratogens by definition in some way affect a fetus. In general, things that the mother is exposed to prior to conception and during the first two weeks after conception (when the embryo is traveling down to implant into the uterine wall) do not affect the fetus. Somehow there is protection until the embryo implants and starts using the mother's blood supply. So, whatever this medication is, we can be reassuring. There are some medications that can affect fertility, but shouldn't cause a condition like CdLS. Teratogens do not change genes and therefore have not been associated with CdLS.

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Classic CdLS is usually caused by variants in NIPBL; however, variants in one of six other genes – SMC1A, SMC3, RAD21, BRD4, HDAC8 or ANKRD11/ – should also be considered, as they may lead to a similar phenotype.

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