Diagnosis and management of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

first international consensus statement
(Adapted for easy access and wider distribution).

  1. What is Cornelia de Lange Syndrome?
  2. What causes Cornelia de Lange Syndrome?
  3. How is Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Diagnosed?
  4. What medical care may a child with CdLS need?
  5. What health difficulties might a child with CdLS face?
  6. What are the Cognitive and Behavioural Characteristics of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome?
  7. Do Cognitive and Behavioural Characteristics Change with Age in CdLS?
  8. Care Planning in CdLS

Adapted from: Kline, A. D., Moss, J. F., Selicorni, A., Bisgaard, A., Deardorff, M. A., Gillett, P. M., Ishman, S. L., Kerr, L. M., Levin, A. V., Mulder, P. A., Ramos, F. J., Wierzba, J., Ajmone, P.F., Axtell, D., Blagowidow, N., Cereda, A., Costantino, A., Cormier-Daire, V., FitzPatrick, D., Grados, M., Groves, L., Guthrie, W., Huisman, S., Kaiser, F. J., Koekkoek, G., Levis, M., Mariani, M., McCleery, J. P., Menke, L. A., Metrena, A., O’Connor, J., Oliver, C., Pie, J., Piening, S., Potter, C. J., Quaglio, A. L., Redeker, E., Richman, D., Rigamonti, C., Shi, A., Tümer, Z., Van Balkom, I. D. C. and Hennekam, R. C. (2018). Diagnosis and management in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: First international consensus statement. Nature Reviews Genetics, 19, 649-666.

The text of these pages and figures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, tables 1 and 2, and box 1 are adapted from the original article.

Adaptation, the English baseline version,  written by: Lauren Shelley, Rachel Royston, Chris Oliver, Tonie Kline, David Fitzpatrick, Bjorn Harris, Steve Knight, Alan Peaford, Jules Harris, David Axtell, Charlie Blockley, Sara Peaford and Natalie Blockley.

Work on the adaptation was funded by a grant from Cerebra to the University of Birmingham

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