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THE 10TH BI-ANNUAL CONFERENCE FOR THE CDLS WORLD FEDERATION WILL TAKE PLACE IN GERMANY BAD NEUENAHR-AHRWEILER JULY 31 - AUGUST 04, 2019On behalf of the Arbeitskreis Cornelia de Lange-Syndrom e.V. (Germany) and the vereniging Cornelia de Lange syndroom (The Netherlands and Belgium), we will be delighted to welcome families, professionals and supporters to this event in one of Germany’s most beautiful countryside conference centers.

We work hard...

The Arbeitskreis Cornelia de Lange-Syndrom e.V. and the vereniging Cornelia de Lange syndroom have worked closely together with the world federation to provide the venue and the program for this important event.The families throughout our two countries are working hard to raise funds to support the conference and the cost of bringing the top medical, clinical, scientific and social care professionals together in one place.

Ideally located!

As you will see we have selected a top-class facility to host the conference in a town that has a typical German countryside flair as well as being just a short journey to many European Capitals, exciting cities well known in the world.

A great opportunity!

We hope that many families and professionals will take the opportunity to have an extended vacation to discover more of Europe before or after the World Federation Conference.Most of all we hope that people attending – whether they be parents, grandparents, siblings, doctors, teachers, social workers, community care support staff and the people with CdLS themselves, will have fun. We believe that by meeting together to share common thinking and new ideas we will make the world a better place for people with CdLS.

Jürgen and Gerritjan

Jürgen Kegel

Father of Christian

Chairman of CdLS Germany

Gerritjan Koekkoek

Father of Rai

Chairman of CdLs Netherlands & Belgium

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