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My daughter has been having her period for about a year now. Are there any contraindications to putting her on birth control? I want to make sure that I won't be causing her any medical problems by their use. She is on Depakote sprinkles and Zantac.

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There is no general contraindication for the birth control pill in persons with CdLS. There are medical conditions that make the pill a poor choice, such as seizure disorder, family history of clotting disorders and so on. There is now a patch form, which makes a good choice for girls with significant gastrointestinal problems. With your daughter, both birth control pills and Depo-Provera (an injection given every three months) would be safe to use with a seizure disorder. Some anticonvulsants will decrease steroid levels and can theoretically decrease the efficacy of the pill. However, Depakote (an anti seizure medication) does not have this effect and so the birth control pill is fine to use. Depo-Provera actually has its own anticonvulsant effect and is a good option

NB/TK 7-13-10

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Can individuals with CdLS have children?

Sexual education appropriate to the level of understanding should be offered, and contraception management should follow local standard for the general population.
Hysterectomy is indicated if abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation is present and does not respond to medical treatment.

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