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Seizure auras


Do individuals with CdLS who have seizures know when one is about to begin?

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The 'aura' or premonitory signs that may accompany seizures are quite variable. The type of seizure and the mental ability of the patient may determine the presence or absence of the aura. Some patients with CdLS may have some period of agitation prior to the seizure but most may not have a warning. The frequency of the seizure and span in between seizures may vary, sometime occurring only after years. The fact that a person with CdLS does not have a seizure for two years is a good sign, but not completely predictive of long-term seizure frequency. Tegretol is usually effective in these patients but it depends on the EEG and seizure type also

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Seizures in individuals with CdLS should be treated using the general management schemes.
An MRI of the brain should be considered only if the individual with CdLS shows neurological signs other than microcephaly (smaller than normal head).

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