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Mother reports irregular sleep patterns and states that son only has restful sleep when he has taken his Tegretol (it knocks him out). What are your thoughts of cause or suggestions of treatment?

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If he has a history of central or obstructive sleep apnea, his sleep may not be restful if his oxygen saturations are dropping and/or if he awakens frequently. In looking up Tegretol in the drug reference book, it can cause drowsiness, although I have never heard of a patient being "knocked out" by it before! Perhaps his level should be checked. I think that he may be awakening during sleep, either because of oxygen "hunger" possibly due to obstruction, or something related to his seizure disorder. I would suggest that they discuss this with a pediatric ENT specialist or the pediatric neurologist. A sleep study may be indicated

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Sleep problems in individuals with CdLS can have serious consequences, and behavioural sleep management should be considered.


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The anaesthesiologist should be aware of the potential difficulty with intubation in individuals with CdLS.

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