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Selective Mutism


My 14 year old daughter with CdLS is fully able to carry on an intelligent conversation. She will talk with other children but never adults (not even relatives).

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It appears that your daughter is exhibiting behavior that can be described as selective mutism. In other words, she talks to other children but selects to not talk to adults. It is often assumed that anxiety underlies the behavior of selective mutism and treatment is frequently carried out by psychotherapists. Following an evaluation, the treatment process usually involves reinforcement of successive approximations toward the desired behavior. Remediation may take from 6 months to over two years

MG/TK 7-13-10

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Adaptive behaviour in CdLS

Increasing adaptive skills to enhance independence should remain a focus throughout the lifespan and should include personalised specific goals and teaching strategies.
Additional developmental and educational support should be provided to individuals with CdLS to reach their maximum cognitive and educational potential, taking into account their specific cognitive impairments.
Cognitive strengths and weaknesses of individuals with CdLS should be assessed in order to design educational and interventional strategies.

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