World of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

8-th CdLS World Conference

From 9-12 September the 8-th CdLS World conference showed very good presentations of world experts from many countries. We hope to see yo at the 9-th conference in 2017 in Brazil

The world of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

An International source of information about the rare genetic condition, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS). Here you can find people who know about CdLS as well as answers to your questions about the condition. Here you can find hope...


CdLS is a rare, complex syndrome! What is it, how can it be diagnosed and what are the best ways to treat its many aspects?

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CdLS is a long journey; sometimes inscrutable and dark, yet you can end up in sunny places. Talking is dealing with emotions.

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You’re told a person you care for has CdLS. It is very rare, so it is hard to find the support you need. We can link you with nearby support groups.

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We all have questions on the care and wellbeing of our loved ones with CdLS. Search what others have asked before.

No question is too big or small to ask.

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During our journey with CdLS we all learn a lot. We want to share that with you! Maybe you also learned something that can be of value to others.

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Globally, there are others in the same situation as you. If they connect to us we can help you find them. Maybe you want to meet someone nearby with similar experiences.

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