Share your story

Share your story


CdLS is a long journey; sometimes difficult and dark but often you arrive at a sunny place. Talking about it helps you cope with the journey. Share your stories and hear those of others.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, ...)

Many of our groups have discovered the good things of Social media. You can make friends, tell your story and read, laugh or share your emotions. Sometimes your story could get noticed and you might be invited to tell it to a bigger audience.

Here we present news from the worldwide Cornelia de Lange syndrome community. We invite everybody to come here and tell us about your community events, you community milestones.

For personal stories we recommend that you go to your personal dashboard and add them there, if you want they will show in this blog after you completed your story 



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Website changed

The website should be 'calm' and easy to read, with less distractions. Please read ... Read more…

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