The articles in the library are easy to find thanks to our smart storage structure. 

All information on this website is marked with one or more topics. Below is an example of how the topics are presented. They always appear below the text given as an introduction. Each topic in turn contains sub-topics. 

Our experts try to provide each (sub)topic with recommendations. These contain general short advice on the topic that may be of interest to you. Think for instance of "gastrointestinal complaints" or "reflux". You could find those under 'medical care', 'health care' or even 'behavioural characteristics' (caused by pain). The recommendation you will find is to have everyone with CdLS checked for reflux, even if she/he has not yet given pain signals. 

This way, you can zoom in on the topic of your choice, so to speak.
Note that these topic's are used consistently; information, stories of experiences or questions asked; they will each be tagged with the same topic's. This allows to see expereniences with theory, information (theory) with questions, and questions with experiences...

How we organize our pages for

Currently our community believes the topics can be organized as follows...




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