5th World conference 2009 in Brighton (United Kingdom)

5th World conference 2009 in Brighton (United Kingdom)

5th World conference 2009 in Brighton (United Kingdom)
Cornelia de Lange syndrome

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Our venue

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5th World conference 2009 in Brighton (United Kingdom)

On behalf of the CdLS Foundation UK and Ireland, We have invited families, professionals and supporters to this event in one of the UK’s most exciting seaside conference centres.

The UK and Irish Foundation has worked closely with the World Federation to provide the venue and the programme for this important event with families throughout our two countries working hard to raise funds to support the conference and the cost of bringing the top medical, clinical, scientific and social care professionals together in one place.

We had selected a world-class facility to host the conference in a town that is a popular tourist attraction in its own right as well as being just a short journey from London, surely one of the most exciting capital cities in the world.

We have received many families and professionals that took the opportunity to take an extended vacation and discover more of the British Isles before or after the World Federation Conference…

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