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Goal of Royal Dutch Kentalis

Our goal

Royal Dutch Kentalis is a national organization in the Netherlands specializing in providing diagnostic, care and educational services to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind, as well as to people with severe speech/language impairment or autistic spectrum disorders accompanied by severe speech and language difficulties.

Kentalis possesses specialist knowledge. We make that knowledge available not only to our staff but to all those interested, worldwide.

Kentalis International Foundation is the international project office of the Royal Dutch Kentalis and therefor responsible for international knowledge exchange initiatives.

What we do

Clinical centre
1Availability of a specialized multidisciplinary approach to patients in a specific for the decease clinic in a medical facility
2Evidence for a strong knowledge base of decease
3Commitment to furthering clinical knowledge of decease ideally in a collaborative way
4Dissemination of new clinical information of decease either via national and/or international meetings or publications
5Having received funding for decease-relevant specific areas
Research Centre
6Research which provides a significant contribution towards understanding the science behind the decease
7Evidence for a strong knowledge base of the decease
8Commitment to furthering scientific knowledge of the decease ideally in a collaborative way
9Having received funding for decease-relevant research
10Dissemination of new scientific findings related to decease via (inter)national meetings, publications or significant contributions


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