Meeting others

Knowing or getting to know people that have gone through the same as you is important.

The federation members all organize events that might be interesting for you.
We hope to publish links to these events here soon;  Stay tuned 

Each two years there is a world conference that we can advise you. It is a great opportunity to get all the insights you need. You will also meet new friends for life!
The next world conference :

The next world conference is in Germany, Bad NeuenAhr-Ahrweiler , July 28 to August 4

There is also a lot of connections made online. Search for online communities around CdLS or ask our members if they can advise you in this. If you participate in such a community and there is a question you might be able to help them by looking here, search and share the link in the online community. In this way more people will know of CdLS World.

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