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Cornelia de Lange syndrome

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Translate the guidelines

We are proud that many professionals around the world have written a scientific statement. Now it is up to us to translate it in a language that our families can read and understand to become the beste advocate for their family member.

We are very proud that we have contributed to a published 'consensus statement' about everthing we know about CdLS. And that this it can be read by all doctors, professional caretakers on one of the best scientific magazines (this means it is of exceptionbal quality!)

But scientists use complicated words and therefor it becomes difficult for us as family-members to fully understand it, which is important to provide the best care possible!

  1. We asked families in the United Kingdom and Ireland to translate it in English in such a way everbody of them could understand it. With the help of the Birmingham University, who helped with this translation, these families read it again and again untill they were happy with the result
  2. Then we put the resulting text on this website for review by the international community. This now became the mother version for all other languages.
  3. Now we ask you to translate this mother version into your national language. Then families with the same language read it again and again and continuously improve it. We have a tool on this website that allows you to translate it topic by topic.

The translations are done, we hope more and more languages will be added so we can truly be confident that as many as possible people can use this milestone publication.

You can read the result here, if you do not see your own language ask your national group about it!

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