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Thanks to working together worldwide we were able to collect a lot of useful information and experiences about the Cornelia de Lange syndrome.

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Are you new here? Do you find it overwhelming? Start at the beginning and let us, step by step, guide you and introduce you with CdLS.



More about CdLS

Knowing what your child has is important! What is this syndrome? Why do you get it? How can you treat it? We have collected all available information to tell you!


Historie doświadczeń

Podziel się swoimi historiami i poznaj historie innych

CdLS to długa podróż; czasami trudna i mroczna, ale często dociera się do słonecznego miejsca. Rozmowa na ten temat pomaga radzić sobie z podróżą.


Meeting others

Somewhere in the world, there are others in the same situation as you. If they connect to us we can help you find them. Maybe you want to meet someone nearby with similar experiences.


Zapytaj eksperta

Ask our experts

We all have questions on the care and wellbeing of our loved ones with CdLS. Search the questions others have asked before. No question is too big or too small to ask.


Nasza wizja

Our vision

CdLS, Rare but stronger together
Italian families connected with the CdLS World community to show that we are not alone with Cornelia de Lange syndrome and that we can deal with Covid-19

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