Peter Martin


After Peter completed his PhD in Marburg, Berlin and Munich, he specialized in neurology and psychiatry in Zürich, Heidelberg and Freiburg. Working at the Centre for Epilepsy at Kehl-Kork, he was able to establish a special department for adults with intellectual disabilities since 2009 at the Séguin clinic and since 2013 additionally a Medical Centre for Adults with Disabilities (MZEB).

Being medical director at Kehl-Kork, he also teaches students at Freiburg University faculty of medicine since 2005 and since 2014 is professor and member of the faculty.

Furthermore, he is one of the editors of the specialist journal „Inklusive Medizin“, member of board of directors of several specialist associations for medicine for adults with disabilities (DGMGB, MAMH and D-A-CH-Inklusive Medizin) and of the advisory committee of the foundation „Leben pur“.


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He is a member of the scientific advisory committee of the German „Arbeitskreis Cornelia de Lange Syndrom“.

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