10° Conferencia Mundial Síndrome Cornelia de Lange – 2019Juntos, expertos y familias buscan respuestas, encuentran soluciones y comparten las mejores prácticas. Nuestra comprensión de CdLS se incrementa y las familias están en mejores condiciones para enfrentar los desafíos de criar a sus hijos. Fortalecemos la amistad, en un ambiente emocionalmente seguro. Los padres son apoyados y animados a compartir preocupaciones y celebrar triunfos.

Siblings Care (up to 6)

We would like to offer families the opportunity to make the conference great for your child. We understand that listening to lectures or participating in workshops is not the best for some of them.We will take care of the younger siblings in our „kindergarten“ next to the conference area. But we hope very much that the weather will be fine so that the children can make use of the toys on the „spielmobil“ the town kindly let us have, or go to the playground nextby. The caregivers will be on place from 8.45 h on so that you can hand over your children. Please collect your children for the breaks and after the end of the conference.

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