10th World Conference Cornelia de Lange Syndrome 2019

Together experts and families search for answers, find solutions and share best practice. Our understanding of CdLS is increased and families are better able to deal with challenges of raising their children.Together we strengthen friendship, in an emotionally safe environment. Parents are supported and encouraged to share concerns and and celebrate triumphs.

Gala dinner

To celebrate the courage that you all showed by coming to our event we organize a party.It will be great to sit back and relax. Talk with your (new) friends or have a wine with the expert you have met in the past days. History showed that the galadiner is something to look out for...


19:00 : 19:10

A word of gratitude of the organization and of the CdLS World Federation.
We hope to announce the next conference in 2021

Jürgen Kegel
Father of Christian
19:10 : 19:15
Surprise act
19:15 : 19:30

We celebrate the winners of the rewards, during the conference we will award some 'specials'

Celebrate the information ahead...

Sylvia huisman
MD PhD, Amsterdam University Medical Center, Amsterdam, and Prinsenstichting, Purmerend, The Netherlands.
Frank Kaiser
Professor of Functional Genetics and Human Genetics, Institute of Human Genetics, University of Lübeck, Germany
David Axtell
19:30 : 21:30

A nice buffet will be served where eveybody is invited to take what you like! "YYYUUUUMMMMIIEEEE"

A nice buffet to celebrate

Kent Kleinsteuber
19:45 : 21:00

Our children enjoy music. Many of us enjoy music. In our families there are special musical talents.

One of our mothers plays in a real orchestra, this Orchestra is happy to perform on this evening, together with us. Do not worry, you can talk with your friends, get something from the buffet... just enjoy the music as you like.

Het Nederlands Filmorkest

Lars van der Meer
21:30 : 00:00

We will have music and drinks, imagine yourself what will happen...
we end this conference with a big smile...

Look at the joy in our conference in Brazil...

Enjoy the music and see the smiles

Annette Gensler

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