10th World Conference Cornelia de Lange Syndrome 2019

Together experts and families search for answers, find solutions and share best practice. Our understanding of CdLS is increased and families are better able to deal with challenges of raising their children.Together we strengthen friendship, in an emotionally safe environment. Parents are supported and encouraged to share concerns and and celebrate triumphs.

CdLS Care program

We would like to offer families the opportunity to make the conference great for your CdLS child or client. We understand that listening to lectures or participating in workshops is not the best for some of them.It is a matter close to our hearts to offer 1:1 care for our persons with CdLS. We are planning with a playroom and a room for resting and „snoezelen“, both next to the conference area. We hope the weather to be fine enough to profit from the wonderful park surrounding. The participants will be entrusted to their caregivers from 8.45 h on. For the breaks and after the end of the conference, we kindly ask you to pick up your „Cornelia“.

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