Clinical and Molecular Correlations

Clinical and Molecular Correlations


Clinical and Molecular Correlations

From Head to Toe and Everything in Between

  1. Clinical follow-up of Cornelia de Lange syndrome: from transversal to specific issues
  2. Clinical Findings due to each of the 7 Genes


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Angelo Selicorni

Angelo Selicorni

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MD, Director of Pediatric Unit at ASST Lariana Como, Italy

He has been involved in the diagnosis and in the medical follow-up of patients with genetic syndromes like Cornelia de Lange syndrome since 1990. He is working at Telethon, has written many articles and other publications on CdLS and other genetic syndromes and is a paediatric expert on gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in CdLS

He is a paediatrician and medical geneticist working in the paediatric department at ASST Lariana, Como, Italy. 

Medical Director of the Italian CdLS support group, the past president and current member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the CdLS World Federation. 

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