What is this nasty pain causing problems? How can we best treat the problem?
How does it affect daily life and what are the effects (usually not good!)? Rest assured, it can be treated quite effectively once you recognise that there is reflux.

Resolving the pain for your Cornelia will be one of the biggest gains in your quest for happiness and at least 10 smiles a day.

This session is recommended for all young families, as being well informed about reflux is very important.

20-25 minutes introduction by Peter Gillett & Angelo Selicorni

20-25 minutes for interaction, questions and discussion

Meet our experts

We have done our best to invite those from around the world to give you the insights you hope for. Professors, teachers, experienced parents and siblings will discuss the topics for the best quality of life possible. Our motto; TOGETHER!

Angelo Selicorni

Angelo Selicorni

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MD, Director of Pediatric Unit at ASST Lariana Como, Italy

He has been involved in the diagnosis and in the medical follow-up of patients with genetic syndromes like Cornelia de Lange syndrome since 1990. He is working at Telethon, has written many articles and other publications on CdLS and other genetic syndromes and is a paediatric expert on gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in CdLS

He is a paediatrician and medical geneticist working in the paediatric department at ASST Lariana, Como, Italy. 

Medical Director of the Italian CdLS support group, the past president and current member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the CdLS World Federation. 

Peter Gillett

Peter Gillett

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Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh Scotland, UK.

Peter's training was in Newcastle and Edinburgh and the Children’s Hospital in Vancouver and took up his current post in 2001. His interests are coeliac disease, upper GI and small bowel disorders, endoscopy and constipation and its improved management, informatics, education and engagement with colleagues and families to make holistic management more consistent and responsive.

He established the SE Scotland regional paediatric coeliac service in 2001 and has been an Advisor to Coeliac UK for over 10 years and sits on their Health Advisory Council. He was a member of the Scottish Government Group developing the Gluten-Free Food Service and was a member of the NICE Coeliac Disease NG20 group, currently chairs the BSPGHAN Coeliac working group and co-leads the Scottish Government new coeliac strategy which aims to provide optimal diagnostics and ongoing management for patients with CdLS.

He has an interest in GI problems in neurodevelopmental disorders. He was a member of the international guideline group and helped develop the guidelines for management of medical and surgical issues in CdLS published in 2018. His goal is to help improve other health care professional’s awareness of CdLS specific issues and generic GI problems in neurodisability. Peter is the Medical Director of the CdLS Foundation UK and Ireland and a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the CdLS World Federation.

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