Conference Closure


Conference Closure

We will summarise the past two days.
We will thank the families, volunteers and experts for the time and effort invested in the event
We will celebrate some special awards
We hope to announce the next conference
We will close the conference and prepare for the Gala Dinner

Meet our experts

We have done our best to invite those from around the world to give you the insights you hope for. Professors, teachers, experienced parents and siblings will discuss the topics for the best quality of life possible. Our motto; TOGETHER!

Feliciano Ramos

He is a Paediatrician and Clinical Geneticist (ABMG-USA Certified) working at the University Hospital “Lozano Blesa” in Zaragoza, Spain, were he is the Chief of the Unit of Clinical Genetics at the Service of Paediatrics. He is Full Professor of Paediatrics and the Chairman of the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Zaragoza Medical School. He has been working in CdLS since 2004. He is the Coordinator of Spain´s National Reference Center in CdLS. 

He is member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Spanish Association of Families with CdLS and of the Scientific Advisory Council of the International CdLS Federation. He has been the PI of several competitive research projects about CdLS.

Jürgen Kegel

Jürgen Kegel

Father of Christian

Jürgen is chairman of the German 'Arbeitskreis Cornelia de Lange Syndrom e.V.' 

Gerritjan Koekkoek

Gerritjan Koekkoek

Father of Rai

He is father of Rai (CdLS, November 1999). Motivated to know all you need to know about CdLS he joined the dutch 'vereniging Cornelia de Lange syndroom' and became chairman of this group in 2008. In Buenos Aires at the world conference about CdLS in Argentina he was elected chairman of the CdLS World federation. 

Gerritjan is an Information Architect. Within the CdLS World federation executive council he is especially advocating the role of family members and the CdLS Patients so they are involved in Knowledge Development and sharing their experience with other family members, professionals or researchers.

Gerritjan is currently past-chairman in the CdLS World Federation Council executive team and chairman of the dutch 'vereniging cdls' 

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