Relationships and Self-Care


Relationships and Self-Care

Having relationships with family members, friends, fellow students, animals. It certainly enriches your world.

What can we expect in this area? And what about Boyfriends or Girlfriends? Sexuality? And what about self-care regarding bodily changes and hormonal cycles?

Basically they all relate to being capable and ready for relationships.

15 minutes introduction by Antonie Kline

30 minutes for interaction, questions and discussion

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We have done our best to invite those from around the world to give you the insights you hope for. Professors, teachers, experienced parents and siblings will discuss the topics for the best quality of life possible. Our motto; TOGETHER!

Inge van Balkom

Inge van Balkom

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MD PhD, Autism Team Northern-Netherlands, Jonx Department of Youth Mental Health and Autism, of Lentis Psychiatric Institute, Groningen, The Netherlands

She was trained as a psychiatrist in Amsterdam and continued her training as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, including a residency in Clinical Genetics. 

She received her medical degree at Groningen University.

From 2006 to date Inge has been employed as Medical Director at Autism Team Northern-Netherlands, Jonx, the child- and adolescent psychiatry service of Lentis Psychiatric Institute in Groningen. 

She is a member of the Global Partnerships in the Epidemiology of Developmental Disabilities, and of the CDC-National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Atlanta, USA. 

Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the CdLS World Federation.

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