2020 CdLS Awareness Day

2020 CdLS Awareness Day

international Cdls awareness day is observed On the second Saturday of may each year in order to shed light on this often misdiagnosed, little-known genetic syndrome. Each year, parents, volunteers and others raise awareness with different kind of activities in the whole world.

This year we all have to struggle with the restriction of Covid19. As we are used to face challenges and deal with emergencies we found also for this situation a way for not being alone extending our arms and reaching out to the families around the globe.
Help us to raise awareness and learn more about Cdls

Our vision

CdLS, Rare but stronger together

Italian families connected with the CdLS World community to show that we are not alone with Cornelia de Lange syndrome and that we can deal with Covid-19

Share knowledge, experience, love

Families from the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand share the common experience of CdLS across the world. Whatever you know, whatever you feel, pass it on!

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