Chronic Ear Problems; Myringotomy

Chronic Ear Problems; Myringotomy

Why is my child still experiencing chronic ear problems and drainage after Myringotomy surgery?

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Experiencing these problems is not that uncommon. However, it needs to be investigated.  Often in this scenario, the tube has come partially out of the eardrum or the eardrum may be obstructed.  In other cases, there may be pre-existing infections that can persist despite the tube.  Occasionally tubes even need to be removed and replaced.  In children with CdLS, the problem is compounded if their ear canals are small.  It can be very difficult to see adequately whether the Myringotomy tubes are in place.  If there is any question, it may be worth returning to the operating room to suction and culture the ear and replace the tube, assuming aggressive treatment with oral antibiotics and antibiotic drops has failed.  RS/ TK 7-13-10

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