Anemia (a decrease in red, oxygen-carrying blood cells)

Anemia (a decrease in red, oxygen-carrying blood cells)

Our daughter, age 6, recently had a CBC (complete blood count) done for a urinary tract infection and our expressed concern for her very pale color. Her Hct (hematocrit, or measure of red blood cells) was reported to be 22 and her HgB 5 (hemoglobin count, measure of blood-iron compound). Do children with CdLS have a problem absorbing iron?

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Your daughter's anemia seems rather severe and should be investigated. I would assume that she has had normal studies in the past (if not, I would make sure there is no other condition present, such as sickle cell disease - unlikely if she's not African-American). I have not found children with CdLS typically having anemia or having a problem absorbing iron. I think it is important for her physician to rule out all possible causes, and thus checking stool for occult blood (blood that comes from an unknown place), considering GI (gastrointestinal) bleeding and, if all else is negative, attributing it to iron deficiency, anemia would be very appropriate.

TK 7-13-10

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