Ataxia (Uncoordinated movement, staggering)

Ataxia (Uncoordinated movement, staggering)

Our child has a history of intermittent "staggering" episodes. The neurologist and ENT (otolaryngologist) have been unable to locate any source of the problem. There is no sign of inner ear problems. He has had many EEGs (electroencephalogram, or test of brain waves) in the past. A physician had mentioned ataxia. What is the next step? Our physician has recommended we watch his eyes and keep a log of his behavior.

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Ataxia would usually be in the neurology realm and the fact that everything was normal on testing is reassuring. It may be difficult to pinpoint the cause. Sometimes even viruses can cause ataxia, although it would not usually be intermittent. I have noticed that some individuals with CdLS walk with an ataxic type of gait. It can sometimes be worthwhile to try someone on an anti-epileptic medication and see if it helps. Some of them have very few side effects. Otherwise I think that waiting and watching would be the next best thing to do. You could also try videotaping the episodes and showing them to the neurologist.

TK 7-13-10

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