Website changed

Website changed

We have changed our website.

The idea is to give a better experience when you visit CdLS World, the international Hub of information about the rare syndrome Cornelia de Lange.

the homepage

What did we change?

  • Home page will give you a good start to find what you are looking for
  • Stories and news; since we have many international people to our site we added a 'translate' button to be able to follow news from the different communities connected by this hub
  • About us; the page will dynamically combine information about your national community (if available) and how we work together as federation of communities (we used to call communities 'support groups')
  • Ask the Expert; we changed very little here, just fitting it into the design
  • General style;
    • We removed all information on the left and the right to make the reading more 'calm'. There should be little distraction, before you finish reading the story or the information
    • We organize each page so it will read top-to-bottom (no columns)
    • As you reach the end of each page you will see some navigation again to go further

We hope you like our new style and would love to hear from you, even when things do not work as smoothly for you. With remarks about confusing things or things that do not work we can improve our website. If you do so please provide a screenshot and the link of the page that you are viewing.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the best information about CdLS, give you news updates from around the world and show you where events of interest take place. In your facebook groups you can often help discussions by searching here and when you found something of interrest for the discussion paste a link of your results in Facebook.

About the website contents

All of the information contained within these questions and answers is for education purposes only. The place to get specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment is your doctor. Use of this site is strictly at your own risk. If you find something that you think needs correction or clarification, please let us know, contact see below.