Flyer for World conference 2019

CdLS World federation Council



We have made a flyer for all of you to share with your families and experts. If you are interested we can make the flyer in your own language. 

Contact Gerritjan and Kent if you are interested in this. It will be free of cost, but you will have to translate the text yourself.
We have a link to a image-free version that you can copy and paste for translation: 

Image free version of flyer for translation

Note that we see this flyer as a a early announcement. Expect a full program document early 2019.

Update 12 May, Saturday.

Florencia offered to help with a spanish translation, Thanks for that.

I created a manual and this page if you would also want to help for your language...

It will show you 5 tables each holding the blocks of text of that part of the flyer

To translate you can see in the table if there is a translation for your language.

A block of text that is not yet translated has a circle around it to; a button that you can click to create that translation

A block of text that is translated has a link to view it.

If you click the 'button' (language with circle) A page appears in English but telling you it is prepared as 'spanish' translation. You should replace the text with your language.

Always translate the Title and the Text ! There can be blocks that only have a title!

Note that there can be symbols in the text like: '==' or "//" or "**", please leave them at the place they should be. They make sure text is getting the right format for the flyer

If you are ready with that page click on SAVE and VIEW which is located at the bottom of your text box

If you think you are ready you can go Image free version of flyer for translation to check it...

Kind regards and happy translating


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