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6 6  1. If you would like to join one of the associations of the world federation some more detailed contact information is required,
7 7  1. If you would like us to contact you more personally (this email is generated by the website) please mark this in your personal settings, likewise if you like to be contacted by others so you can share stories and experiences.
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9 -If you want you can login and fill in this information by going to;
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9 +If you want you can fill in this information by clicking on "Tell us more...";
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15 15  This page contains 4 sections (tabs); Profile, Preferences, CdLS Info and CdLS Person. **//(We continuously try to improve the website, so let us know if something is not clear or if you have an idea for improvement!!)//**
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17 17  ,,//(This email is generated by the website, it might well be that you have already contacted a CdLS organization, still we would greatly appreciate if you would complete some details, other wise our apologies for asking twice!)//,,
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19 19  For each section we will show you a screenshot of what and how you can complete that section.
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