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Brazil Conference Cost re-imbursement part

The executive team of the federation has received a request from the host for financial support, especially around translation costs. ... Read more…

Brasil Conference Feedback

Request to get access to text/slides presented in 2017 Conference Caéte, Brazil ... Read more…

Conference 2019

We would like to start to promote the next Worldconference - where can I get some information? Could we start to publish it on CdLS World? Read more…
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Update our list of medical directors

A invitation to update the list with medical directors. Our latest list is probably not up-to-date any more. ... Read more…

Conference Brazil 2017

Updates about the conference in Brazil 2017 ... Read more…
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2015 Conference Look back

Looking back on CdLS World Conference 2015 in Portugal With respect, but also look for learnings for the future. ... Read more…

Advertise the world conference

please advertise the Portugal conference ... Read more…
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Council meeting , 10 Sept. 2015 in Casa dos Marcos

Invitation to CdLS World Federation Council meeting on September 10th, 2015 at Casa Dos Marcos ... Read more…

Draft program 8th World Conference Lisboa

Draft program World Conference is available on the blog of the Federation Council (see blog March 5th). Read more…

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